18 August 2011

Two Remarkable Parents

Author Andrew Bradford talks about his parents who were both disabled by Polio - and were remarkable people.

AB: First of all let me thank Helen for inviting me to post on her blog and share this story. I haven’t known Helen for long; we got to know each other when for a short time we were published by the same company. Earlier this year I published ‘Live Eels and Grand Pianos’.
‘Live Eels’ is both a family memoir and, I hope, an important contribution to the social history of the twentieth century.

4 August 2011

1066: Apocalyptic Visions with Paul Bailey

 Hello my name is Paul Bailey and I’m a full time Marketing Manager, husband, father and amateur historian who enjoys writing about the Anglo-Saxon era. 
Having recently published my historical novel 1066: Apocalyptic Visions as an eBook, I decided to dedicate more time to writing again, as my youngest son is now at University and my legs won’t take the punishment of playing football on a weekly basis!
I bought Helen’s excellent book, Harold the King in 2000 (still not signed by Helen yet, but hope to remedy that in October! ....HH. see my comment below Paul) ) and decided to contact Helen for her opinion of my book. As you would expect, Helen was very positive and she gave me the encouragement to write the sequel 1066: Rebellion! 
I am in the process of planning this book now and hope to have it published by the end of 2011. I also have a third book 1066: Domesday in the pipeline. Therefore, I hope to have all three books printed in one as a trilogy. I think I will be talking to SilverWood Books nearer the time to try and make this dream come true.