4 August 2011

1066: Apocalyptic Visions with Paul Bailey

 Hello my name is Paul Bailey and I’m a full time Marketing Manager, husband, father and amateur historian who enjoys writing about the Anglo-Saxon era. 
Having recently published my historical novel 1066: Apocalyptic Visions as an eBook, I decided to dedicate more time to writing again, as my youngest son is now at University and my legs won’t take the punishment of playing football on a weekly basis!
I bought Helen’s excellent book, Harold the King in 2000 (still not signed by Helen yet, but hope to remedy that in October! ....HH. see my comment below Paul) ) and decided to contact Helen for her opinion of my book. As you would expect, Helen was very positive and she gave me the encouragement to write the sequel 1066: Rebellion! 
I am in the process of planning this book now and hope to have it published by the end of 2011. I also have a third book 1066: Domesday in the pipeline. Therefore, I hope to have all three books printed in one as a trilogy. I think I will be talking to SilverWood Books nearer the time to try and make this dream come true.

My interest in the Anglo-Saxon era stems from the fact that it was never fully discussed as a topic at school. The World Wars were debated in great detail, but the English were on the winning side. Is it feasible that if Harold had won the Battle of Hastings that every child would know him as a great battle commander instead of the King that lost to the Normans?

It is also interesting to learn about how the Anglo-Saxons lived over 1000 years ago. We take running water, electricity, supermarkets, motor vehicles etc for granted, so it is quite humbling to learn how our forefathers coped with daily life.

There are so many unanswered questions regarding the Norman conquest of Anglo-Saxon England that is very intriguing. The propaganda of the Normans has to be commended because it is only recently that their convenient explanations for the invasion are being challenged. 

I am challenging these every day as I write my books and articles and know that there are a number of English people that feel aggrieved at the poor treatment of King Harold’s memory. ( of history and kings: article )

I am looking forward to the Battle re-enactment in October and have even created enough interest for my wife to join me! I hope to meet some of you there.

H.H. I'll be at Battle in October Paul - in the English Heritage tent down on the field, usually from about 11 a.m (both days) Bring your book and I'll sign it! Or maybe we could meet for dinner on the Friday or Saturday?

Paul now has a blog where he writes "everything 1066" do join him!
1066 Trilogy Blogspot

Paul's Dinner Guests:

Harold Godwinson, a number of questions for the rightful King. What does he now think of Morkere and Edwin?
Tom Baldwin, my Father-in-law, whom I never met, as he died when my wife was 10 years old. So many questions I have to ask him!!
Tchaikovsky to play during the meal
Tommy Cooper for entertainment
Billy Wright, first England player to gain 100 caps and Wolverhampton Wanderers legend
Sydney Bailey, my Grandfather, who passed away 5 years ago. Still have a number of questions regarding his Second World War exploits that I need so that I can write about his experiences.
Amy Bailey, my Grandmother, who passed away 7 years ago, just to keep my Grandfather on his best behaviour!
Winston Churchill, inspirational leader and great dinner guest
Sir Arthur Wellesley, for his account of Waterloo
William the Bastard, just to ask him about his guilty conscience!

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